Upcoming Publications

More exciting times ahead!

So, I’ve had contracts through for two stories of mine now:

  • ‘Divine Optimization’, in Daily Science Fiction (hopefully in the next few months)
  • ‘Green Fingers’, in Fantasy Scroll Magazine (no idea when! I’ll let you know)

I’ll do proper posts when they are put up and give links to kindle and whatnot (I’m in a magazine!), but for now, here’s a little taste of what’s to come.

‘Divine Optimization’ was originally written as a spoken word piece to be performed at a story slam, so its pretty darn short (clocking up just 250 words). That being the case, its hard to say much about it without giving the game away. However, to whet your whistle, have you ever wondered how Google manages to get you the page you wanted from just one or two search terms? I give a somewhat more speculative answer than most computer scientists would (I imagine!)

‘Green Fingers’ is my first foray into publishing non-flash fiction (coming in at a whopping 4,200 words!). The story follows the life of an android (called Andy) trying to find a place for himself in a post-machine-human-war world. The idea of this piece was to explore how way an AI might view its identity over time and the lengths it could go to protect or change that identity for the better.

That’s all from me for now, I shall do me more posts when the stories arrive in (digital) print!

Pip pip,








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